DIY Wedding Bouquets

Learn to make DIY wedding bouquets and you can save a ton of money. It is easy to do.

You can use silk flowers or buy wholesale fresh flowers from a floral supply company in your town. You and your bridal party will be amazed at how much fun you will have creating beautiful bouquets.

Amazingly, you can get beautiful fresh flowers now at certain grocery stores, as well. Hint: Look in stores that carry mainly healthy foods, such as Central Market and Whole Foods.

Easy DIY Wedding Bouquets #1

This one is a simple rose bouquet. You will need 12 to 24 roses, depending on the size of the blooms and how large you want your bouquet to be. You will also need some floral wire, floral pins, ribbon, and good household scissors and some small gardening clippers to clip the stems.

First, clip all of the leaves and thorns off of the stems. Next, clip the stems so they are 8 to 10 inches long. Choose the largest bloom and put that one in the center of your bouquet. (If they are all the same size, don't worry about it.)

Add additional blooms, one at a time around the center bloom, keeping the bouquet nice and round. When you think the bouquet is large enough, while grasping the stems right under the flowers, wrap floral wire tightly around the stems under your hand to hold them in place. Just be careful not to wrap too tightly because that can break or damage the stems of real flowers. Experiment a little to get it just right. Then inspect the stems and trim them so they are all the same length.

Next cover the wire with ribbon in the color of your choice. Begin at the top and wrap around several times to hold it in place and then spiral down the stem, covering all of the wire. You can choose to cover the length of the stems or leave several inches of the stems showing. Both ways look beautiful.

To keep your bouquet extra firm, spiral the ribbon back up and then secure the ribbon with a few floral pins. Be sure that the floral pins are stuck inside the ribbon and stems and are not poking out to prick you. If you like, add a bow at the top of the ribbon-covered stems.

I suggest using 24 roses for the bride's bouquet and 12 for each attendant so that your bride's do it yourself wedding bouquet stands out from the others DIY wedding bouquets.

Instead of roses, you can use other similar sized blooms such as daisies or carnations, whatever you like as you create your DIY wedding bouquets.

Easy DIY Wedding Bouquets #2

The second of my DIY wedding bouquets is almost the same as the one above, but instead of floral wire, you use floral tape.

You will need 12 to 24 flowers, either fresh or silk. You will also need green floral tape, clippers, scissors, ribbon, and floral pins.

Cut the leaves and thorns, if any, off of the flower stems. Trim the stems so they are roughly the same length. Choose one flower to be the center of the bouquet. This can be the largest or one of a different color, or a different type of flower than the others.

Add blooms, one at a time, around the center flower, moving in a clockwise direction as you add them. Keep the bouquet round as you add flowers. Secure the stems with floral tape. Pre-cut the floral tape in lengths of about 6 inches and wrap it around the stems, as close to the flowers as possible. Wrap it tight, but not tight enough to damage the stems if you are using real stems.

Then wrap the stems with ribbon, covering the tape. Wrap around the top 2 or 3 times to hold the ribbon in place and then spiral down. You do not have to cover the entire stems. It looks nice if you leave several inches of stem uncovered at the bottom. Fold the end of the ribbon to hide the end of the cut ribbon and secure with 2 floral pins. Make sure the pins are stuck inside the ribbon and stems so that you do not get pricked with the pins.

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