DIY Boutonniere

Make your own boutonniere. A DIY boutonniere is pretty easy to do. I have made them using silk flowers and real flowers for proms and weddings. 

You can learn to make a do it yourself boutonniere and then make them for your groom, your groomsmen, your ring bearer, the minister, and your fathers and grandfathers for your wedding day. You will save a ton of money. If you use silk flowers, you can make them months in advance.

Make boutonnieres for all of the men in your wedding party, plus any additional men you want to honor on your wedding day. This will be a lot cheaper than to pay a florist to make them. Use silk flowers for additional savings. That way you can make them ahead of time and use your valuable last minute time to get yourself ready for the wedding.

Make A DIY Boutonniere

Making a boutonniere is simple. The hardest part is deciding what flower, greenery, and accent plant to use (if any). You will probably want to use a flower that matches your wedding colors.

Cut a bloom off of your silk or real flower stem, keeping just a short stem of about one to two inches. Wrap the stem in floral tape.

These days floral tape comes in all sorts of colors so you can choose to use traditional green or you can match the groom's suit by using black, white, blue, gray, or brown. After wrapping the stem, add leaves or other greenery behind the bloom. You can also add some type of berries or anything else you think will look good with the flower you chose. Wrap that on to the flower stem with floral tape.

You can leave it as is or add some decorative wire by wrapping a bit of it around the stem for an attractive accent. You can also add a small piece of ribbon hanging down from the flower that matches one of your wedding colors.

Then use a large floral pin that goes through the back of the wrapped stem, through the lapel, and back into the bottom of the floral stem to hold the Do It Yourself Boutonniere in place.

If you are using a real flower, put the stem in water until it is time to wear it so it will stay alive until the event is over.

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