Craft Show Ideas

This section is about Craft Show Ideas. The first craft show I ever participated in was one at a church that my grandmother attended. She was a seamstress and also made beautiful doll clothes for baby dolls and for Barbie. When I was about ten years old, she took me along on a Saturday to help her sell doll clothes at an outdoor church bazaar. I had a blast! She sold a ton of doll clothes and I was hooked.

I love going to craft shows to see what other people have made and to find some great gifts. 

The first craft show where I was a vendor was about 17 years ago. My young daughter wanted to sell crafts that we made together at a Fourth of July craft fair in a small town in Texas.

We borrowed a canopy tent from someone and we found out on the morning of the craft fair that we did not have all of the poles. We set up our table without any covering. Wouldn't you know that it poured off and on all day long.

We sold about $50 worth of our stuff in between downpours. That would have been good but it cost us $50 to participate in the craft fair so we lost $50 in crafts. I am confident we could have sold a lot if we had our own canopy and if it had been nice weather.

Craft Show Ideas And Tips

Since way back then, we have done a lot of craft shows, including one that we just did this past Saturday and Sunday. This one was at a church in San Antonio. My husband, who owns David's Garden Seeds, sold seeds in his booth as always.

I sold garden and vendor aprons, kitchen scrubbies, crochet cotton washcloths, baby headbands, elastic ribbon hair ties, drawstring bags, tote bags, and some polymer clay jewelry that I make. Yes, I make all of this and more but that is all I brought with me.

You have to plan your booth or table ahead of time, depending on how much room you have. Sometimes, you will have one table. Other times, you will have a ten foot by ten foot space and if you get creative, you can fit a lot into either space.

We use some portable wire racks to hang up seeds and other items. If you attach several together, they become free-standing so you don't have to screw them to a wall. You can set them up in a variety of patterns. We got ours from U-line.

Make sure you bring plenty of business cards, bags for purchased items, a debit/credit card reader and smart phone or tablet, portable chargers, and plenty of cash in the amounts of ones, fives, and tens. Make it a point to accept nothing larger than a $20 bill or you won't have change for other customers.

Yesterday, a lady tried to give me a $50 bill for a $2 purchase. Really? I had to tell her I could not break it. She then used a credit card. If she was buying  close to $40, I would have accepted the bill. If I had given her change, then I would not have been able to transact business for very long.

Some customers buy everything with a card, while others use cash, but most try to break $20 bills with a low amount purchase so you do need to bring at least $100 in ones each day.

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Welcome to Handmade By Juanita of
Cross stitch is my favorite hobbies. Here I am making a Bible bookmark.
This is a craft and/or gardening apron that I sewed. It has both shallow and deep pockets.
I sewed this throw together with cotton print and pink flannel. It is perfect for those chilly evenings when you want to snuggle up and read a good book.
This is a small pumpkin bag I made for a small child to use for trick or treating or to carry small toys or crayons and papers in.
I made some burp cloths with cotton print and terry cloth. They are absorbent and pretty.
This photo shows some of my receiving blankets, bags, and crocheted afghans at an outdoor craft fair.
Some scarves I crocheted at an outdoor craft fair.
Polymer clay layer cakes with caulk frosting. The cakes are scented with vanilla oil.
Broken egg in shell polymer clay pendant. Eggshell and yolk are made with polymer clay. The egg white is made with liquid polymer clay.
Miniature polymer clay pumpkins I made for fall.
Miniature iced coffee drinks and popsicles that I made from polymer clay. These were made into fun necklaces for summer.
Earring display at a craft fair. The tablecloth I use at all craft fairs can be seen under the earrings.
Me at an outdoor craft fair in 2016.