About Me

David and Juanita of David's Garden Seeds at Canyon Lake.David and Juanita of David's Garden Seeds at Canyon Lake.

Here you can learn a little about me. My name is Juanita and I have been married for 32 years. We have four adult children and two grandchildren so far. When my children were little, we made tons of crafts from paper, foam, paint, clay, sand, rocks, and beads. They had a blast.

At the same time, I learned how to crochet, sew, work with polymer clay, and do counted cross stitch. I also got better at cooking and learned how to can vegetables, jellies and jams, and to make pickles.

Now my husband, David, of David's Garden SeedsĀ® has his own seed company that he started from scratch ten years ago. I work full time in it but am trying to establish my own business during my off time. I have learned quite a lot about gardening and seeds over the past ten years. Chances are if you come into our store at 7717 Tezel Road in San Antonio, Texas, I will help you with your seed purchase. I also write most of our business website and I fill online orders.

Today, February 8, 2019, David and I are the proud parents of Kitty, our stubborn Manx Cat and our three dogs, Annabelle, Lucy, and Ethel, all rescues. They keep life busy and fun. Actually, two of our pets belong to two of our kids, but they chose not to take them along when they moved out.

I hope you have enjoyed our little visit and learned just a bit from my About Me page.

Juanita is Mrs. David's Garden Seeds! David and Juanita have been married for 30 years and started David's Garden Seeds together. www.davidsgardenseeds.comMr. and Mrs. David's Garden Seeds (David and Juanita Schulze)

Juanita is Mrs. David's Garden Seeds. If you want the best Non-GMO garden seeds, get them from David's Garden Seeds!

Welcome to Handmade By Juanita of www.handmadebyjuanita.com
Cross stitch is my favorite hobbies. Here I am making a Bible bookmark.
This is a craft and/or gardening apron that I sewed. It has both shallow and deep pockets.
I sewed this throw together with cotton print and pink flannel. It is perfect for those chilly evenings when you want to snuggle up and read a good book.
This is a small pumpkin bag I made for a small child to use for trick or treating or to carry small toys or crayons and papers in.
I made some burp cloths with cotton print and terry cloth. They are absorbent and pretty.
This photo shows some of my receiving blankets, bags, and crocheted afghans at an outdoor craft fair.
Some scarves I crocheted at an outdoor craft fair.
Polymer clay layer cakes with caulk frosting. The cakes are scented with vanilla oil.
Broken egg in shell polymer clay pendant. Eggshell and yolk are made with polymer clay. The egg white is made with liquid polymer clay.
Miniature polymer clay pumpkins I made for fall.
Miniature iced coffee drinks and popsicles that I made from polymer clay. These were made into fun necklaces for summer.
Earring display at a craft fair. The tablecloth I use at all craft fairs can be seen under the earrings.
Me at an outdoor craft fair in 2016.