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Welcome to Handmade by Juanita, my handmade business website. My name is Juanita Schulze but you may know me as Mrs. David's Garden Seeds®. I used to craft a lot in my spare time. Now, most of my spare time is spent on my husband's gardening business. You guessed it! My husband is David of David's Garden Seeds®.

I am in charge of building the company website, filling orders, taking care of the company store located at 7717 Tezel Road in San Antonio, and doing social media for David's Garden Seeds. It keeps me busy and out of trouble, to say the least. However, life is short and a girl just has to have some fun, right?

Now, when I get the chance, I make miniatures out of polymer clay and other materials that can be used in fairy gardens. I plant seeds and grow plants for sale in our garden shop. I also design many of the seed collections that David sells, including all of the Companion Planting kits that take the guesswork out of gardening.

I also sew, make jewelry, crochet, do counted cross stitch and whatever else strikes my fancy.

For years I have been crocheting, knitting, doing counted cross-stitch pieces, sculpting with polymer clay, making jewelry with beads, sewing, and more. I would usually give my creations away as gifts. I started selling on Etsy and Amazon Handmade but when my husband got sick in 2018, I temporarily stopped. David is fine now but I have not had time to get back into it as we are moving to the country.

You can keep track of our Country Adventures here.

I still enjoy crafting, but now most of what I do has something to do with gardening and our gardening business. Once we get moved, I will add some crafting back in to the mix. Right now, all of my crafting supplies are packed, waiting for the big day.


Today is Sunday, August 11, 2019 and we have been told that our brand new manufactured home will be delivered to our farm tomorrow. Not sure when it will be set up and put together yet. We are not set to get water for at least six weeks and electricity is not supposed to be turned on there until the middle of November. Of course, we are praying that our utilities are hooked up much sooner.

Handmade By Juanita Favorite Crafts

I love to work with polymer clay. It is so much fun to make Christmas ornaments, pins, and jewelry with clay.

My favorite craft is counted cross stitch because it allows me to draw pictures with a needle and thread. I have made many framed pieces, pillows, magnets, and jewelry with counted cross stitch for friends and family.

When I was a little girl, my grandmother taught me to crochet. Since then, I have made many simple afghans, mostly granny squares. I have given away many of these baby afghans to new moms expecting their first babies.

While my children were in school, I would do cross stitch, crochet, and sewing projects after finishing housework and laundry. During their childhood, I was a working mom for most of the time, although I did have the privilege of not working for a few of those precious years.

Now, July 2019, we are packing up to move to some farmland outside of San Antonio. We are going to have our own micro-farm. Once we get moved into our new home, we will work on bringing the business out which means building a place to house the business and the seed store on our property. We have already picked out a place on the farm for the store and business.

Come along for the ride, won't you? Feel free to share your tips with us at the bottom of most pages on here.

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Juanita is Mrs. David's Garden Seeds! David and Juanita have been married for 30 years and started David's Garden Seeds together. www.davidsgardenseeds.comMr. and Mrs. David's Garden Seeds (David and Juanita Schulze)

Juanita is Mrs. David's Garden Seeds. If you want the best Non-GMO garden seeds, get them from David's Garden Seeds!

Welcome to Handmade By Juanita of www.handmadebyjuanita.com
Cross stitch is my favorite hobbies. Here I am making a Bible bookmark.
This is a craft and/or gardening apron that I sewed. It has both shallow and deep pockets.
I sewed this throw together with cotton print and pink flannel. It is perfect for those chilly evenings when you want to snuggle up and read a good book.
This is a small pumpkin bag I made for a small child to use for trick or treating or to carry small toys or crayons and papers in.
I made some burp cloths with cotton print and terry cloth. They are absorbent and pretty.
This photo shows some of my receiving blankets, bags, and crocheted afghans at an outdoor craft fair.
Some scarves I crocheted at an outdoor craft fair.
Polymer clay layer cakes with caulk frosting. The cakes are scented with vanilla oil.
Broken egg in shell polymer clay pendant. Eggshell and yolk are made with polymer clay. The egg white is made with liquid polymer clay.
Miniature polymer clay pumpkins I made for fall.
Miniature iced coffee drinks and popsicles that I made from polymer clay. These were made into fun necklaces for summer.
Earring display at a craft fair. The tablecloth I use at all craft fairs can be seen under the earrings.
Me at an outdoor craft fair in 2016.